“Who is nothing but the form followed by the function of What and What am I is a man in a mask.”

What is answer when someone asks me who i am?
My answer would be my name obviously.
But it’s the name of my physical body.Won’t you think?
Then who am I?

I am a software engineer/film maker.
It’s my profession.Who am I?

I am the son of Mr. X. Will that answer the question? Nope. It won’t.

I find myself wondering if, like me, you have the same question lingering at the back of your mind somewhere, a kind of puzzle regarding life which you may never have articulated very clearly but which nevertheless feels deep and important and intriguing when you think about it.

My question first arose when I was about fifeen during a classroom argument concerning different religions.The argument more or less dissolved when someone threw in the casual comment: “Oh well, it’s supposed to be the same thing at the bottom of all the great religions isn’t it?” I was stunned! I had never heard of such an idea. I had been brought up to believe there was only one valid religion and that was Hinduism.

From then on I began wondering what this “thing” or truth at the bottom of all religions could possibly be. If it was common to them it had to be of fundamental importance – in which case, why weren’t we taught it at school? Why wasn’t it general knowledge? Where was I to look for it? I found its apparent absence very puzzling indeed.

Maybe this is one of those questions where people have spent their entire life to find out. May be it will take me some time to find out who really I am. I just now realize that I am actually in a quest to find out who really I am. Whenever I encounter the question who am I? I remember the dialogue from the movie “Spiderman”.

“With great powers come great responsibility, who am I? I am Spiderman”.
Funny isn’t it.


The quest has just begun for me. The quest to find out who am I?